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Over the last few years, ChipsXP have desperately researched for a super low cost of near $0 e-commerce platform that is easy to implement, design, promote, advertise, SSL certificate, content syndicate, newsletters, and a daily marketing routine schedule. Making an e-commerce platform seem large but manageable for a one or two person micro small business is quite difficult, only if you’re trying to make the web storefront into a multi million dollar establishment that needs several administrators and groups.

After all the X-cart, OpenCart, Magento, Woo Integration in WordPress, Zencart and more unmentionables installed on web servers with paid SSL certificates, it still got expensive to buy the plugins or extensions that may be required to do all the above mention tasks.

Sure, you could code your scripts on the REST API of each platform mentioned above and have it for the most automated, but that goes back to the several administrators and groups, not for a micro small business. Remember, that person has still to execute the daily business routine of sales to make a living, and the time to make scripts, is not available all the time. Until recently, I may have found the best solutions that’s close to doing most of the e-commerce platform tasks and schedules.

It won’t be the near $0 dollar amount I’ve been searching for, but it will save time, a little money, and allot time to write scripts while selling products.

ChipsXP Solutions

  1. Domain Name Registrar
  2. Domain Servers
  3. SSL Certificates
  4. E-commerce Platforms
  5. Certified Premium Personal Computers
Online @ http://chipsxp.com
St. Petersburg, FL 33714
Voice:(727) 831-1491
Email: Inbox of Manager

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